i saw her standing there bass lesson



Written mainly by Paul McCartney in 1962. It was the B side to “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. Paul played it for John Lennon in his house and John didn’t like the first line, so he changed it.  The recording is basically their live performance of the song, including the count, at the start. It’s a great representation of what the Beatles sounded like live back then.

The song wasn't written about anyone in particular, however Paul was seeing a girl at the time, who was seventeen and who claims was with Paul at the time he wrote it. Several of the lines are reminiscent of other songs the Beatles were playing live at the time.


Well, what can you say about Sir Paul that hasn't been said already?

He started off playing guitar, but reluctantly took over the bass when their original bass player, Stu Sutcliffe left to purse his art career. He made the instrument very popular and was instrumental in getting the bass heard in the mix. His playing ranges from groove-oriented ("Come Together") to melodic ("Michelle") to technically challenging ("Hey Bulldog").

The bassline in "I Saw Her Standing There" was heavily influenced by the Chuck Berry song, "I’m Talking About You". It's challenging to play it at the speed of 150 bpm, especially will all of the repetition, but it's even hard when you have to sing, as well.

paul mccartney

Paul McCartney

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