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"Highway to Hell" is on the AC/DC 1979 album "Highway to Hell". Angus Young came up with the classic guitar riff that opens the song.

The song is largely about AC/DC's long grueling tour schedule. There also is a highway in Australia with this as its nickname. There is a dangerous section where many people were killed near a bar that the band used to hang out at.  Look at the lyrics and you can see that this was probably an influence.


Cliff Williams played bass for AC/DC from 1977 to 2016. He learned bass by listening to records and figuring out the parts himself, but also took lessons in Liverpool. He auditioned for the band and was hired for his playing skills and good looks, as they needed one guy who could attract the girls.

His playing style is simple with mainly quarter and eighth notes to compliment the guitars. He likes to downpick with muting to give the notes punch, definition and less sustain.

His favorite bass is the Music Man StingRay with Ampeg SVT amps.

Cliff Williams

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