all right now bass lesson



Recorded by Free and released in 1970 on the album “Fire and Water”.  It was co-written by the bassist Andy Fraser (music, guitar riff and awesome bassline) and Paul Rodgers (lyrics).

The band needed a head banging song in their set, which was mostly slower blues songs.

The lyrics are about a guy meeting a woman and trying to get her in bed and she gets wise to his motives.

The song, unfortunately, was Free’s only hit and they broke up shortly after.


Born in London in 1952. Died (too young) in California in 2015 at the age of 62. 

He was a classically trained pianist, but switched to guitar in his teens. He later played bass for John Mayall.

The bass doesn’t play during the verse and then comes in pumping for the chorus. But as quickly as it comes in, you stop playing again for verse two.

All of this quiet time is rewarded with one of the most classic bass solos. Andy alternates from a low-end pumping riff and shoots way up to the 17th and 19th frets for his memorable line.

The final chorus adds many improvised lines.  Enjoy.

all right now bass lesson

Andy Fraser

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