I created Classic Rock Bassist for people like me who love rock music, especially from the period of 1964 to 1979, the Golden Age of rock.

I am designing this site around people who play bass or want to learn to play bass, love rock music and it doesn't matter if you only play in your bedroom/basement or want to play in a band that gigs around town (or already does).

I am one of those people who has music playing all the time. While I occasionally hear a new song that I like, I always gravitate to the rock music of my youth, and I sometimes feel like I love it more now than I did as a kid.

I remember falling asleep to my radio playing the Beatles, the Stones, the Who, and the Doobies and being drawn to the bass. There are songs I've heard thousands of times that I still don't know all the words, but I can sing you the bassline. I think it's the most important instrument in the band and I love to hear that power coming through my woofers.

I learned to play years ago, but waited far too long to play live in a band. Now, I get together with my band and practice our set at least once a month and gig as much as we can.

I've owned many basses and pedals, but have reduced my collection to two; Fender P and Fender J and a tuner (sold my pedal board and effects last year), but I'm always on the lookout for the perfect direct box/preamp.

The site will eventually have the following pages for you to enjoy, learn, or contribute to.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions for content.

I hope you enjoy it!

Bassist Blog



Join me as I talk about my continuing journey playing bass, learning basslines, creating this site, studying theory, researching lesser-known bass players from the classic rock period and equipment.

Bassist Setlist



I will provide a list of songs to learn from the classic rock era. Some of these songs won't necessarily have great/memorable basslines but will be songs you can expect to play in gigs.

Bass Lessons



I will have lessons that are gathered from around the internet that I have found valuable that I can share with you. These lessons will revolve around learning specific bass parts to songs (including videos, tab and possibly music transcription of certain parts).  Other lessons will include fills/licks, equipment tutorials, how to start a band...

Bassist Hall of Fame



This will be a collection of bass players and a brief biography. There will be the big familiar names, but I also like learning about the bassists who you don't know and played on great tunes.

Bass Equipment



I am not sure exactly how I will put this section together, as I've become a minimalist when it comes to equipment. So I may ask for your opinions or guest posts in this section.

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We hope you enjoy using this resources page in your business. We know that your readers will enjoy the content you can provide with it!

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