IF I HAD A NICKEL FOR EVERY TIME… ​Ever heard a song played and thought, “Man, if I had written that song, I’d be a wealthy dude.”? This would be one of those songs. It’s been used countless (well maybe the publisher can count them) times in movies and on TV, as well as being played […]

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TO PLAY or NOT TO PLAY, THAT IS THE QUESTIONThis is a classic song to add to your repertoire or setlist. Most people love it. Written in 1969 by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards while on vacation in Brazil. Keith said he was inspired to write a country tune and it later morphed into a rocker […]

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bass tools needed

So you want to play bass

So… You got it in your head that you want to learn to play bass.  You’ve heard it’s pretty easy, it only has four strings and you like the way it sounds. Cool.Well, first the bass is fairly easy to get started. But if you listen to bass players like James Jamerson or Chris Squire, you will […]

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Playing bass in a band

Becoming a Rock Bassist

The Love Affair With Bass BeginsI never thought I’d grow up to be one of those people who gets all nostalgic. But I did. My dad would say things like, “When I was a kid….”  or “They don’t write songs like they used to…”. Now, when I listen to new music on Spotify or the radio (what’s that??), […]

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